Student Mobile Phone Scam

Students have become the target of a mobile phone scam.

BBC radio consumer programme You and Yours has revealed how students have been persuaded to purchase mobile phones on a 1 or 2 year contract and hand them over to scammers in return for a small cash payment and the promise of future income.  In an alternate variation of the scam they have sold their details and allowed others to purchase phones in their name.

The students are then left to cover the cost of these contracts and any associated charges.  In some cases this runs to thousands of pounds.  Even where a crime reference number has been issue, mobile phone companies may be unwilling to release students from these contracts on the basis that they willingly parted with their personal data or the phone belonging to the contract.

Students are often vulnerable to this type of scam, as they have left home for the first time and lack awareness of such issues.  Police warn that students should not give away personal data.

See the following BBC article for more detail: