More Scams To Remind Us To Check ID & Be Alert

The Argus reports of a pensioner who was conned out of £1,200 by a couple of crooks, one of whom posed as a police officer.  Genuine police officers will never ask you to hand cash over at the door.

The Which? consumer website has an article about 3 scams doing the rounds right now:

  1. Premium Rate Number Scam: Do not be fooled into calling premium rate numbers beginning with 090, as you may end up with a large phone bill. Similar scams have been reported for 070 and 076 numbers.
  2. Free Slimming Trial: The offer of a “free trial” can lure victims into being signed up to a continuous payment authority (CPA).  Other variations of this scam include “free samples” of items such as of beauty products.  Here is how to avoid/cancel a CPA.
  3. Restaurant Scam: Fraudsters fool a restaurant into thinking their card payment system is down and pose as bank staff, to get restaurant employees to redirect card confirmation calls to a new number.  Customers then “confirm their security details” to the scammer.

Read the full Which? article here.  The also include some useful links to find more help.