BBA: 8 Things Your Bank Would Never Ask You to Do

There are still frequent reports of unsuspecting people falling for quite convincing financial frauds such as the Courier Fraud Scam or phishing attempts.  These scams typically start with a cold call or an email.

Many of us are still too quick to believe these calls or emails come from our bank and end up handing over personal data or transferring funds without checking properly that the caller is genuine.

To help protect us, the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) has produced a leaflet to remind us of 8 things banks would never ask you to do.

The BBC has also produced a helpful summary of this guide together with an overview of how the fact that the phone line remains connected to the caller for a couple of minutes after you hang up can be used to dupe you into believing the caller is genuine.  Scammers often get you to call your bank or even the police to verify their identity: in reality you are still talking to the scammer or one of their mates.  Always call from another phone or wait for at least 5 minutes before calling your bank, to make sure the scammer is no longer on the line.