A Dodgy Delivery + Which? Campaign

Some months back a delivery arrived via Yodel. As I was working from home that day you might have thought the arrival of my parcel would be announced by a ring of either of my mains-powered doorbells (don’t ask why I have 2 – it’s a long story).

The actual event that alerted me to its arrival was a loud thud outside. As I looked out of the window I saw the back of a delivery man heading down the steps away from my house.

On further investigation, the thud turned out to be the sound of the parcel landing behind my 6′ garden gate! Fortunately, it was not raining that day and the parcel only contained well-packed plants, which had manage to survived their unexpected flight through the air. Just as well it did not contain bone china or a camera!

I dropped an email to Yodel to complain about the failure to deliver to me in person and the poor handling of the package. To be fair they did apologise.

They also indicated that this was not their normal standard of delivery service, although a quick google of “Yodel throwing parcels” may suggest this assertion is somewhat optimistic.

Which? is running a campaign tackling dodgy deliveries.  Not only are they tackling dubious delivery practices like my experience above but they also question whether half/all day delivery slots or non-specific-day deliveries are appropriate to the 21st century.  Which? is calling for all shops to give specific time slots for deliveries on a named day.

Consumer Lookout wholeheartedly agrees with the Which? campaign and also suggests that offering 1-2 hour timeslots should also be introduced for other services such as utility services, e.g. an appointment to have your gas/electricity meter read.