Airlines to Pay Out After Landmark Ruling

The Telegraph reports that, following a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court, air passengers will be able to claim up to £470 in compensation for flights that are delayed for more than 3 hours.  The window for filing claims is set at 6 years after the delay.

Airlines will also no longer be able to fob passengers off with the excuse of not being responsible for technical defects.  There are still some circumstances in which they do not have to pay out, such as during severe weather.

Whilst this is good news for passengers who have endured a significant and frustrating delay to their flight, there is a concern that this may adversely impact the business model of budget airlines and that passengers may end up paying higher fares.

Which? has a good guide on other airline obligations.  For example, when your flight is delayed by more than 2 hours (short haul) or 3 hours (long haul), they have a duty to provide food, refreshments, 2 phone calls and – if delayed overnight – accommodation & hotel transfers.