Stay Safe Online When Christmas Shopping

Christmas is rapidly approaching (in fact I already heard Jingle Bells at an airport yesterday!) and many of us are starting to hunt for presents.

The Money Advice Service has produced an guide to protecting yourself when shopping online, including:

  • Choose well-known or recommended companies.
  • Watch out for scams: Do not assume a slick website means a company is genuine.
  • Check the authenticity of a company. [Here is how I checked out a company that contacted me with a pension scam].
  • How to pay safely and securely.

Read their article here…

Consumer Lookout would add that you should never make a money transfer to pay for goods.  If you send the money to an unreliable or fraudulent dealer, you have no way of getting your money back.  Credit cards give you greater protection, as the credit card company shares liability for purchases over £100.  Alternative money services, such as PayPal, are safer ways of paying (if you really want to buy from a company you are less sure of) but they offer less protection.