Electrical Product Recalls – Is Your Home Safe?

Every so often a manufacturer identifies a serious fault in one of their products and has to issue a recall for safety reasons.

If you sent off your registration card when you bought the item, then they should get in touch with you to let you know that it has been recalled.  However, many of us do not register the product and the manufacturer has no record of where it ended up and does not know how to contact us.

The Daily Mail warns that our homes may be harbouring millions of dangerous goods.

Has your electrical product been recalled?  You can, of course, check the individual websites of the companies you bought your electrical goods from – but that is time-consuming.

The Electrical Safety First site provides a list of the latest recalls and allows you to search for a product you wish to check, or filter by category.

Perhaps it is worth taking a few minutes to check your home is safe?