Courier Fraud & Exploding Batteries on Fake Britain

Today’s episode of Fake Britain is well worth watching.  Amongst other things it covers:

  • Courier Fraud: This is a nasty type of fraud where scammers pose as bank officials or police officers and persuade victims to hand over bank cards and PIN numbers (read more…).  The BBC reports that this type of crime has tripled in the past year.  This scam is particularly convincing as it makes people think they have already been defrauded and are helping police or their bank to catch the criminals.  A man tells his story of how he was fooled by the fraudsters.
  • Fake Lithium Batteries: Also featured are fake lithium batteries that can explode, as they do not have the safety features of the genuine article.  One instance covered in the programme is of a woman who ended up with a nasty burn on her thigh when her mobile phone containing a fake battery exploded.