Sky Charges For VoiceMail – Time to Get an Answerphone?

On 1 December Sky Started Charging…

… £1 per month (or £12 per year) for their 1571 voicemail service.  To be fair, they are only adopting the model set out by BT at the beginning of this year.  Sky’s service is also cheaper, as BT charges £1.75 a month (or £21 per year).

Opt Out if You Do Not Use It

If you do not use this service, then it would make sense to opt out.  There’s no point in paying £12 each year for a service you’re not interested in.  You can contact Sky on 08442 411 653 – calls to Sky contact centres are free for Sky Talk customers.

Voicemail or Answerphone?

If you do want a message recording service, the question is whether it is worth paying Sky for their voicemail service or if you might be better off buying an answerphone.  My experience of answerphones is not a positive one.  I admit it’s a few years since I owned one, as in more recent years I’ve used the hitherto free Sky 1571 service and, before that, BT’s equivalent.  The answerphones I bought tended to break after an average of 3 years.   Of course, it is possible that the general standard & durability of these products has improved since then.

Looking at a couple of high street retailers you can pay anything from £25 and £160 for an answerphone, depending on the quality you are looking for and whether there is a sale on.

So, I guess you would break even if you were looking for a basic answerphone and it worked for more than 2 years.  If you are looking at a reasonably decent model in the £45-£60 mark, then it needs to work for 4-5 years to get your money’s worth.

I think for now I prefer to pay Sky £1 per month.  If the voicemail service goes wrong, then it is up to them to fix it.