2 Places on the A259 That Need a Pedestrian Crossing

There are 2 places I pass regularly on the A259 that could really do with a pedestrian crossing.

[Picture above is not of either location.  Sorry, did not have a public domain picture of the locations in question but will try to add them in due course.  The links below take you to the Google Map locations.]

Junction With Hill Rise Bishopstone

This can be a particularly difficult point at which to cross the A259, with a speed limit of 60mph and some vehicles exceeding that limit.

This junction connects 2 residential areas that have a high elderly population, with a 3rd residential area close by at Bishopstone.  This junction is also at the bottom of the Bishopstone station approach and there are bus stops that allow passengers to connect to the coastal 12 service, so it is a natural place for people to cross.

Following a series of deaths, Lewes District Council has called for the speed limit to be lowered to 40mph.  This may well be a sensible move.  But would it not be just as effective to install a pelican crossing so that passengers and local residents can cross safely?  Actually, I’m in favour of both measures.

Seven Sisters Country Park

The area around the Seven Sisters Country Park car park entrance is another tricky spot to cross the road.

As a keen hill walker, I and my fellow enthusiasts have often struggled to find a gap in the traffic.  The moment it’s clear in one direction, a stream of cars come the other way.

As a car driver, more than once I have seen pedestrians taking their lives in their hands as they dash across the road in narrow gaps between fast-moving vehicles.  Fortunately, traffic from the west has significantly slowed due to a couple of sharp bends in the road, although the point at which people usually try to cross is not far round the second bend.  Coming from the east, you are not only on a 60mph section of road but it takes a disciplined and responsible driver not to exceed the speed limit due to the sharp downhill gradient.

I think it is only a matter of time before a vehicle hits someone crossing the road.  A pedestrian crossing could help save lives.