Urgent Request from a “Friend” scam e-mail

Worth being aware of this type of fraud.

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We have received a number of reports of e-mails being received that appear to have been sent from a friend that is in need of some help.  The sender of the e-mail claims to be out of the country and is unable to gain access to money for one reason or another, and so need your help.

The way it works is you receive an email that originates from the real email address of a real friend of yours with “Urgent”, “Emergency” or “Request” in the subject line.

However, your friends e-mail account has actually been hacked!

Here is are a sample of the types of emails that are doing the rounds:


Sorry to bother you with this but i had a sudden trip out of the country to Belgium. Am here to see my ill cousin she is suffering from Kidney disease and must undergo Kidney transplant to…

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