Suffolk Residents Warned of Fake Property Scam

Another scam to watch out for…

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Suffolk Trading Standards have been made aware of a rental property scam that nearly caught out an Ipswich resident.

glassWhilst searching for a new property to rent, the complainant posted a “Wanted” request on Gumtree and was quickly emailed by an individual advising that they had a property available to rent in Ipswich.  Pictures of the property were emailed and details supplied of the monthly rent required.  When the complainant requested a viewing the fake landlord requested that they pay a £500 deposit beforehand.

Suffolk Trading Standards are asking prospective tenants to be wary of too good to be true offers, and take a few simple steps to ensure that they are not parting money with a scammer.

Scammers will often use various websites to post fake listings. They will go to great lengths to ensure that the offer looks genuine by including photos and real addresses of properties. However…

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