94-Year-Old Lady Who Never Used a Computer Defrauded in Online Banking Scam

Today’s You and Yours has the tale of an infirm, partially-sighted 94-year-old phoned up by criminals posing as the Metropolitan Police.  They claimed her bank account had been hacked and she needed to transfer her money.  She did so, losing nearly £450,000 from 3 accounts.

Lloyds and Halifax refunded her but, according to the programme, so far NatWest has declined to do so.  Further investigation revealed that online banking had been set up in her name, despite the fact that she has never used or owned a computer.  The fact that they had been able to do so seems to have helped the criminals perpetrate the scam, as they already had a lot of information about her accounts.

Peter White asked Terry Lawson, head of fraud at NatWest [I hope that means “head of fraud prevention“], how online banking could have been set up in the name of a 94-year-old who has never used a computer without her knowledge.  The programme is well worth a listen