A Spokesman Said: New Consumer Complaint Site

A new site “A Spokesman Said” has been launched to help consumers by embarrassing companies into resolving complaints.  It is intended as a public platform that uses the power of social media to force a response to consumer complaints about a company.  Log your complaint and the clock starts ticking…

Because it is a very public and visible medium, social media is often a good way of getting a response from a company that may otherwise ignore individual emails or letters.  This means that those who are social-media-savvy may have an advantage over those for whom Facebook or Twitter are unfamiliar territory.  A Spokesman Said may level the playing field.

Of course, this is more likely to work with companies that care about their image.  Companies that hold a monopoly position, e.g. train operating companies, may be less influenced by this approach.

It never hurts to try though.  And the more visible the problems with a company (even those that are generally unresponsive) become, the greater the chance that the company will tidy up its own behaviour, or a regulator or politician may step in to force their hand.

Click the link to visit the A Spokesman Said website.