Review: Dead Simple, the Stage Version, by Peter James

Friends recently kindly treated me to a performance of the play Dead Simple at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford.

This was a great experience: the production team had done a wonderful job of adapting the book into a stage play suitable for a small cast and the limited space available in a theatre.  The stage was very effectively split into three sections that represented the key locations, and these sections were cleverly adapted at various points throughout the performance.

Although I’d read the book some years ago, I am notoriously bad at remembering plots for more than about a week, so I found myself carried along by the frequent twists and revelations.  But even had I remembered “whodunnit”, that would not have spoiled my enjoyment of the play.

This thriller was punctuated by moments of humour: most memorable was a throwaway line about married life, which clearly resonated with the audience given the ripple of wry laughter.  We even had an unforgettable reminder by the author, Peter James, about the importance of switching off our mobile phones.

All in all this was a wonderful production and I would highly recommend Dead Simple to anyone who enjoys a good thriller, or even just a great performance by an dedicated company of actors.  The extended and enthusiastic applause at the curtain bow bore testimony that I was not alone in my enjoyment of this play.

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