Seaford Residents Surveyed About Green Waste Collection Service

Those living in Seaford will have received a note about recycling green waste from the Lewes Council during the past few days, probably hand-delivered along with the Seaford Scene magazine.

Lewes Council is considering introducing a fortnightly opt-in green waste recycling service, and has incuded a survey attached to the note to ask Seaford residents:

  • Whether they would be interested in the new service.
  • Whether they consider the suggested annual charge of £60-£75 to be fair.

There is a prepaid envelope for you to return the survey or you can complete it online.

Any initiative that aims to recycle more and dump less into landfill sites wrapped in plastic bags is, in my view, very worthwhile.  Although I compost pretty much everything and would not be likely to use this service myself, many Seaford residents may find it very valuable, particularly those without cars who may be unable to take their green waste to the nearest recycling site.

Given the high level of council tax already paid by Seaford residents, perhaps this should be a service already included at no extra cost.  For many households already struggling with the cost of living, £60-75 seems a bit steep.  Given that the government wants us to recycle more and that many householders share that aim, this feels rather like an additional tax just for doing the right thing.