Fraudster Jailed for Skimming Card Details At Victoria Underground

British Transport Police reports that a man has been jailed for 12 months for skimming card details using a device attached to a ticket machine in the underground station at London Victoria.  A pin-hole camera above the keypad allowed PIN numbers to be recorded.  A similar device was found in Camden Tube Station.

You can help protect yourself against this kind of crime by always covering the keypad as you type in the PIN and being vigilant if anything looks unusual about a ticket machine or the card reader.  This is also true at cashpoints.

This is a timely reminder about the risks associated with modern payment methods.  We not only need to guard against known crimes but also be alert to new scams.  For a while now Consumer Lookout has been warning of the potential for criminals to exploit the rise in travel using smart tickets / contactless bank cards by posing as ticket inspectors to steal credit or steal personal data.  It seems likely that it is only a matter of time before passengers get defrauded this way.