Seaford Needs a Direct Bus Connection to Eastbourne General Hospital

I regularly cycle to the gym.  In summer 2013, when a bee that flew into my cycle helmet, I came off my bike and hit the ground.  On the plus side I did not get stung!  The downside was that I landed with my left thumb trapped under my hand and a lot of my weight on top of it.  The result was a very painful injury to that joint.

Getting Medical Attention

A few days later it was still very painful and I became concerned that I might have broken something, so I made an appointment to see my GP, who promptly sent me to Eastbourne General Hospital.   I suppose I could have driven over there but, given how painful my thumb was and because was worried I might come back with my arm in plaster (and in fact did!), driving did not seem sensible.

So, I headed over to Eastbourne, 7 miles away, by bus.  Getting off the bus at the nearest point to the hospital, it was still a good 20 minutes walk (well over a mile) to get there – and I walk a fair bit faster than most people.

We Need a Local Minor Injuries Unit

As an article in the Sussex Express points out, what we really need are local facilities, at the very least a minor injuries unit.  With about 23,000 people living locally, there is ample justification for Seaford to have its own medical unit.  That would allow people to have treatment for injuries such as mine, and a range of other conditions.

The nearest 2 minor injuries units at:

  • Eastbourne Train Station, which is directly accessible by the 12/12A bus.
  • Lewes Victoria Hospital, which can be reached by train from Seaford, although it’s a fair few minutes walk away from Lewes station.

More details on medical facilities in relation to Seaford can be found here.

We Need Public Transport to Hospitals

We also need good public transport connections to larger hospitals, particularly for anyone needing A&E or who has an outpatient appointment.  The 2 nearest ones are:

  • Eastbourne District General Hospital:
    • Take a 12/12A (every 10 minutes) to the Arndale Centre in Eastbourne.
    • Change to a Stagecoach bus, buying another ticket, using either The Loop (every 15 minutes) or 56 (every hour) to reach the hospital.
  • Royal Sussex County Hospital:
    • Take a 12/12A (every 10 minutes) to the stop above Brighton Marina
    • Change to a 7 (every 6-7 minutes) to reach the hospital.  You can use the same ticket on both buses.

Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company provides a good service from Seaford to the Royal Sussex County Hospital but not one to Eastbourne District General Hospital.  Maybe it’s time they introduced one by extending some of their 12/12A buses to include the Eastbourne hospital?