My Response to: Working From Home is Not The Best Thing in The World

Spotted an amusing article giving “14 things proving that working from home is not the best thing in the world“.  It’s well worth a read and has some great animated pictures to accompany each point.

I work from home and have done for over 10 years.  So, I thought I’d post my responses to these 14 points.  Although there are a few genuine points in my responses, this is intended as a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek response and should not be taken too seriously.

1. Your only uniform becomes your pyjamas and in few weeks you start to evolve into a caveman

I get dressed as soon as I get out of bed and even remember to shower and shave, although not necessarily in that order.  Have practised saying “Ugh” but my linguistic talents stop short of achieving the full caveman.

2. When everyone outside is moaning about how bad the traffic is, you start moaning the distances between the rooms, because the longest distance for you is the way to bathroom from where you are

The bathroom does not seem far compared with the 7 mile hill walks through the Downs I enjoy on a regular basis or the 30 minute walk to the gym, in fact I’d say getting to the bathroom is a piece of p1$$.

3. You become the most unsocial person in the world, not leaving the house at all. You miss all the “lets go for a drink after the work” events with your friends

I don’t miss the drink after work and neither does my liver.  My friends and I are happy to visit each other.  Unless I’m ill there’s almost never an occasion when I stay in all day, even if I just go for a half hour walk: this gives the courier the opportunity to deliver an “I’m sorry you were out” card.

4. You start hating people you are living with

You got me there.  In fact, I’m running out of places to hide the bodies.

5. Your luxury of taking a day off when you are sick ends, because it becomes hard to convince your boss that you are sick when you are working from home

Sending in a bag filled with vomit usually is a good convincer.

6. The “Happy Hours” which makes your day, are gone forever

I try to be happy for more than an hour.

7. You can’t make people believe that you are really working

Delivering results is a good way of proving you worked.  People in offices avoid work by having meetings.

8. After you spend so much time alone, you start talking to yourself in a weird way and you miss the environment of your office, people talking to you all day

When I’m in the office I end up playing music (though headphones) to block out the incessant, intrusive chatter around me.  And what do you mean “start talking in a weird way”?

9. You realise that you are bonded to your bed

The bond only lasts for a few minutes after the alarm sounds.  Then the local news on the radio ends and hunger lures me to the kitchen.

10. If you have a pet at home, he doesn’t let you work

Easy to solve: I don’t have any pets.  A couple of rats made their way in once but they did not live stay long.

11. Facebook becomes your only interaction with the rest of the world

Facebook’s great & so is Twitter.  But they’re no substitute for meeting friends or chatting on the phone.  They don’t bring wine to a meal for a start.

12. Like you are feeling lazy to do anything, you can’t be bothered cooking as well, after the food is about to finish, you start ordering things, losing your whole salary

I cook for myself daily, bake my own bread and make my own müsli, without all that added sugar supermarkets seem to view as an essential ingredient.  Losing your whole salary: is that a takeaway from Harrods’ food hall?

13. Your lunch break only includes going to kitchen and get whatever is there, then go back to your computer

The lunch break is a great opportunity to clean the place, do some weeding, sow some seeds, plant some bulbs, mow the lawn, take a walk, go to the gym … oh, and bleach everything down after the two rats that thought it was much nicer indoors.

14. At 6 o’clock, after you leave the office, you don’t have a chance to leave everything behind and go home to have a rest

That’s a great time to cook supper, chill out in front of the TV, have friends over, visit a mate, run an iron over the laundry (what an exciting life), learn another language (I speak 7), phone a friend  or write a post on my blog…