Cold Callers Operating in West Seaford

Early afternoon on Friday 27th February cold callers claiming to be from a window cleaning company were operating in a No Cold Calling Zone in West Seaford.  Sussex Police and East Sussex Trading Standards have been made aware of their activities.

Isn’t That Illegal?

Whilst it is not actually illegal to call in a No Cold Calling Zone, it is certainly bad practice to disregard the wishes of local residents not to have cold callers turn up at their door.  These zones are designed to discourage that kind of behaviour.

Why Have No Cold Calling Zones?

Whilst some cold callers may be polite, respectful if asked to leave, and genuinely only trying to drum up business, others can be rude, pushy and won’t take no for an answer.  This an lead to vulnerable residents being intimidated into making purchases or signing up to contracts.  Some callers may be scammers or potential burglars, checking whether the property is empty.

Trading Standards recommends always saying no to cold callers.

What Rights Do I Have If I Buy From a Cold Caller?

Genuine cold callers who sell you goods/services costing more than £35 must give you with a written notice giving you 7 days in which to cancel.  Anyone who fails to give you this notice is committing a criminal offence and you can not be held liable to pay for the goods/services.  Contact Trading Standards for help if this happens.

What Should I Do If I Get an Unwanted Cold Caller?

Say no to them and ask them to leave.  Note the name of the company and the time of the call.  Contact Trading Standards and provide the details of who called and when.  They can then contact the company and ask them to stop.   You may also wish to log the incident with the police by calling 101.  It is particularly important to do so, if the caller is pushy, threatening or intimidating.

If anyone tries to force their way into your home, call the police on 999 for immediate assistance.

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