Got an Old Mobile Phone – Use it to Filter Unwanted Calls & Texts

As many of us upgrade handsets or move to smartphones, here’s a suggestion for how you could make good use of that old phone you were thinking of throwing away.

Many companies, even supposedly reputable ones, seem to think their customers would like to be bombarded with texts & calls advertising their products & services.  Often they choose to opt customers in to marketing and sometimes do not give them any means of opting out.

If you’ve got an old mobile phone, why don’t you give that number out to companies you’re ordering goods from, instead of giving them your landline number or current mobile phone number.  You’ll still get the spam or the calls but at least you know when that phone rings that it’s unlikely to be a call you want to take.  It will save you rushing over to your phone when it chirps only to find it’s another text offering you a 2-for-1 on pizza or compensation for that accident you didn’t have.

At times when you haven’t got any goods on order, it could even remain switched off in a drawer (you may need to occasionally use it to make a short call or send a text, for the account to remain active).

This leaves your landline and main mobile phone free, so when they ring or bleep it is more likely to be someone you are pleased to hear from.