Does Your Dentist Have Insurance?

Today’s You and Yours has an interview with a man who experienced problems after having some dental work carried out.  Unhappy with his dentist, he was referred to another dental practitioner to put things right.  He found he was unable to claim against the original dentist’s insurance, as that dentist was not insured and had since left the country.  The total cost, including repairs, came to around £8,000.  It seems there is very little you can do under these circumstances.

A further caller interviewed on the programme claimed that General Dental Council recommends that dentists should have insurance, but this is an ethical requirement rather than a legal one.  He suggested that the General Dental Council does not know how many dentists are uninsured and does not check on its members’ insurance.

Apparently, at some point the General Dental Council intends to introduce new rules to force members to have insurance, although it is not currently clear when these rules will come into effect, or how and whether this would work in practice.

In the meantime, you might want to check that your dentist has insurance before starting treatment.