Parking At Bishopstone Station

Parking has recently been restricted at Bishopstone station, with double yellow lines now appearing down the west side of the road.

The reason for this is obvious.  Previously, when cars were allowed to park on both sides of the road, there was only room for a single vehicle to fit in the gap between the parked cars, making it very difficult to pass someone coming towards you.

A poster issued by Southern directs drivers towards the nearby Buckle Car Park, where parking is free of charge.  This is fine for able-bodied people but, being the best part of a 10 minute walk away, this may not be a suitable option for the elderly or disabled.

I approached both Southern and East Sussex County Council a couple of weeks ago to ask what provision they have made for the elderly and disabled.  Neither organisation has yet provided a response but I will update this post, as and when I hear anything from them.