Sky Launches New Planner Features

Sky has started rolling out some enhancements to their Sky+ planner.  These changes are clearly designed to improve ease of access in the age of terabyte boxes, which can hold hundreds of hours of recorded series and films.

There are a number of welcome enhancements but most notable are:

  • Newest Recordings Come First: Sky has reversed the order of recorded programmes, so that the latest recordings appear at the top of the screen.  This makes it easier to quickly access the new episode of your favourite TV show without having to wade through pages of older recordings to find it.
  • Scheduled Recordings Are Separate: Scheduled programmes have been split into a separate tab, meaning you no longer have to page through screen after screen of programmes to check which recordings are coming up.
  • Delete All For Series Stack: Perhaps, like me, you sometimes add a series link for a programme that’s been  recommended but you don’t get a chance to watch it until a few weeks later.  You get 15 minutes into the pilot episode and then realise this show is really not something for you.  Now you have the option to Delete All episodes on the series stack at one go.  Or you can just deleted viewed episodes if you want to save space but would still like to keep the unwatched episodes.
  • Smart Series Link: Not only does your Sky+ box remember to record the current series, it also keeps a permanent lookout out for the next season of your favourite series (more detail…).  This feature is a welcome extension to their “Never Miss” offering.  Sky does perhaps have a little more work to do on this smart series link: it not only looks out for series that are due to return but also one-off dramas and shows that have transmitted their final season.

Details of other enhancements and a screenshot of the revised planner screen can be found in this Express article.