Council Tax: Special Expenses for Seaford

If you live in Seaford, you may have noticed a line on your council tax demand notice referring to Special Expenses for Seaford and Seaford Town Council.

As there was no accompanying leaflet to clarify what this meant, I asked Lewes District Council for more details on these expenses.  They explained that this is a means of ensuring that local residents pay directly for the playing fields, etc. that are in their area, rather than being paid for by all of the residents of the district.  Apparently, there was a similar charge on last year’s demand and the amount has reduced this year.

Those in Lewes, Newhaven, Peacehaven and Telscombe will have had a similar line on their council tax demand.

I did ask whether this information was published anywhere, e.g. their website, but have not received a response on that point.  They did, however, provide the following breakdown of the Seaford charge:

Seaford 2014/15 £  2015/16 £ 
Alfriston Road OS 1,115 675
Anthonys Close 206 345
Aquila Park 2,541 485
Bowden Rise 834 1,399
Brickfields, Seaford 2,931 1,266
Chalvington Close Verge 354 593
Chalvington Field 8,646 12,142
Foster Close OS 1,033 775
Hurdis Road 640 1,307
Katherine Way Open Space 1,027 1,790
Micklesfield OS 3,731 4,777
Normansal Park OS 935 1,585
Rookery Way 421 705
Seafield Close 484 811
St. Crispians 5,772 7,125
Valley Dip Play Area 5,444 3,945
Downs Rec 13,166 13,839
Total 49,280 53,564