Southern’s Delay Repay Site Still Not Warning Passengers About Automated Barriers

In March 2015 I wrote to Southern asking them what their procedure is for reclaiming Delay Repay if you had a single ticket and it was taken by the automated barrier at the end of your journey.  I previously published their response to this question.

In April I suggested that they should put this advice on their website, so that it is available to all their customers (who may not be readers of my little blog).  They have apparently are “appreciative” of my suggestion and passed this to “the responsible management for their consideration“.  It is worth noting that it is now June and their Delay Repay page still does not contain this information. In the meantime, I wonder how many people have given up on claiming Delay Repay, as they have lost their ticket to the automated barrier?

This probably affects all train companies where the journey ends at an automated barrier. Maybe this is something Transport Focus or London TravelWatch might wish to follow up on…?

Here’s an (IMHO) even better idea: when a train is sufficiently late for Delay Repay to apply, maybe new rules are needed that passengers should be alerted to their rights under Delay Repay via the PA system, with advice about avoiding the automated barriers where appropriate?