New National Rail Conditions of Carriage

Yesterday (Sunday 19th July 2015) a new version of the National Rail Conditions of Carriage was published.  This is a contract that passengers enter into (often unwittingly, as many people are unaware of these conditions) whenever they board a train.

The new version has been updated to:

  • Be clearer about passenger rights & obligations relating to tickets.
  • Improve compensation (now a minimum of 50% refund) & allow passengers to get receive this in cash, rather than national rail vouchers.
  • Cover electronic tickets stored on media such as smartcards, contactless bank cards & mobile phones.

Whilst the above are welcome changes, from an initial look it seems these conditions fall short of what is needed, favouring protection of the train companies rather than their passengers.  Details of specific concerns raised by this version of the Conditions of Carriage will follow in further posts in due course.