Danone Increases Sugar in 0% Fat Activia Yoghurts

Have you noticed that Activia 0% fat yoghurts tasted sweeter recently?

I did.  So, I checked the side of the packet and noticed that each 125g pot now typically contains 10-11 grams of sugar.  This came as a surprise, as the last time I checked a year or two back I was sure I saw figures in the range of 7-8g per pot.

So, I contacted Danone, the manufacturers of Activia, who confirmed that they did recently change the recipes for their 0% yoghurt collections, although the figures they provided are at variance with my memory.  It seems some yoghurts increased in sugar content by up to 27% whilst others decreased by up to 9%.

Given concerns regularly expressed by medical professionals about the effect of sugar on our health, it is surprising that Danone should increase sugar in what is clearly marketed as the healthier version of their Activia range.

As the NHS recommends consuming not more than 30 grams of sugar per day, perhaps Activia has just moved from being the “healthy” to the “not quite so naughty” option, with each pot in this range containing a third or more of that recommended amount.

Danone also produces Shape yoghurts, which contains close to 8g of sugar per 120g pot.