Government Consultation on Proposed New Small Business Commissioner

From 26 July to 21 August 2015 the government is running a consultation on their proposal to introduce a new Small Business Commissioner.

The Small Business Commissioner would  handle disputes where small businesses feel that larger businesses, with which they have a contractual relationship, have treated them unfairly – including late payments.  The role would include:

•  Providing information, general advice and signposting.
•  Offering mediation to resolve disputes, avoiding the need to go to court.
•  Dealing with complaints.

During the consultation period, the government is asking for views and evidence about the problems and how the proposed Commissioner can help.

You can provide your views by calling 020 7215 8675 or emailing 

Read the full announcement.

It does seem an odd time of year and a very short timeframe in which to run a consultation of this nature.  As the announcement mentions fulfilling a manifesto commitment, it does make you wonder whether the government is trying to deliver the minimum possible with as little feedback from small businesses as they can get away with.