Robert Dyas Delivers Good Customer Service

As someone who often inevitably ends up blogging about how companies have failed their customers, it is nice now and then to be able to report on good customer service.

My recent experience with Robert Dyas provides just such an opportunity.

Getting a Bargain

I bought an electrical item that was already reduced by over 20% of its original price, as it was a discontinued product being promoted as part of a clearance sale.  I was also able to use a discount card to get a further reduction, meaning that I ended up with a third off the retail price.

What Went Wrong?

Until I got the item home I was very happy with my purchase but when I went to open the box I noticed it was not sealed.  Unfortunately, one of the pieces inside was broken.

Things can go wrong with products you buy from any company.  How the company deals with the problem is the measure of its customer service.

Good Response From Customer Services

I contacted Robert Dyas‘s customer service team who arranged for a replacement to be delivered to my nearest store a few days later.  Sadly, that too had been opened and one of the parts was missing.  Whilst it was very unfortunate to encounter a second problem, one thing to keep in mind is that many remaining units from this clearance product were ex-display models.

Excellent Service in the Local Store

The staff member in store was very apologetic and assured me that he would arrange for a sealed unit to be sent across from another branch.  He phoned me a few days later to say that a box had arrived but it was in fact also not sealed.  Whilst I was on the phone, he opened the box and checked that every component was there.  I was able to pick up the replacement a few days later.

I then received an unexpected email from their customer services apologising for the poor experience I had had with the two defective units and offering a significant discount on a future purchase as a goodwill gesture.

The professional behaviour of the store employee, for whom nothing seemed to be too much trouble, and prompt & proactive assistance from the customer service representative are the things that stand out as exactly the sort of customer service I hope for (but rarely find) from companies.  My positive experience means that I will be very happy to shop at Robert Dyas in future.