Rowdy Youths Cause Disturbance in West Seaford

Intermittently during recent weeks a group of teenagers – sometimes up to 15 or so at a time – has disturbed the peace of residents in West Seaford, particularly around the area towards the south end of Princess Drive.  A number of householders, many of whom are elderly or have small children, have expressed their concern.  At least 5 adults have had cause to speak with various members of the group about their behaviour during the past few days.

In the latest incidents on Friday 7th August, first a large group of noisy youngsters had to be asked to move on by a local resident in the middle of the evening.  Later the same evening a second group damaged a ceramic pot whilst messing around in a resident’s garden and stole a border stone (later returned after intervention by neighbours).  This is thought to be a case of high jinks that went too far rather than malicious action on their part.

Empty beer bottles & cans of super-strength lager have been found in one of the areas where the young people were seen hanging out.

Sussex Police are aware of these incidents and the general situation.  This information has been passed to the local police team.  Police advise that if there is any further rowdy behaviour residents should call on the non-emergency number 101, so that police officers can attend the scene and speak with the young people concerned.  If the problem were to escalate to criminal damage or threatening behaviour, then call 999 for assistance.