Zoo: Worth a Look For Sci-Fi Fans

If you’re a fan of sci-fi that explores some of those “what-if” scenarios, CBS’s new 13-part drama Zoo is definitely one to try.  Based on James Patterson’s thriller of the same name, the drama quickly has you on the edge of your seat in the first episode with some intriguing twists following in the second.

It arrived in the UK last week with very little fanfare.  Other than the actual programme listing, you might have thought that my TV magazine’s editor was on holiday!  There was no feature about this new series, nor did it appear on the first couple of pages where premieres are typically listed.

The premise of the series is that animals in different parts of the globe, apparently having lost any fear of humans, start to work together to attack mankind.  Although there are some gory scenes, most of the violence so far has been implied rather than graphically depicted.

It remains to be seen whether this series will hold up to the promise of these initial episodes for the rest of its run – some reviewers suggest not.  But I, for one, am hooked.

It continues to air at 9pm on Sundays on Sky 1.  The pilot is available on catch-up until September 15.