Sky Interrupts Recordings/Playback By Applying Software Upgrades

Sky’s software upgrades cause disruption if a customer is either recording or watching a programme at the time the upgrade is received (typically seems to happen around 2am).

Admittedly this is only an occasional problem but it’s irritating when it happens.  Fortunately in the case of a failed recording, it’s usually possible to download it from the catch-up service.

It’s a bit more frustrating if you’re in the middle of watching live TV or playing back a recording and the box suddenly reboots due to an upgrade – would at least be nice if it had asked you first.  I guess you’ve got a few minutes during the reboot to make yourself a cup of cocoa.

Surely, it’s not beyond the imagination of Sky’s software developers to program these boxes to wait until recording/viewing is complete before applying the upgrade.