SFS Home Assist Making Unsolicited Green Deal Energy Efficiency Calls

If you have caller display on your phone and see an incoming call from UK telephone number 0191 406 0889, you may wish to avoid taking this call.  N.B. it may also appear as 000001 0191 406 0889.

It is an unsolicited sales call from SFS Home Assist purporting to give you a rebate or new energy efficient system under the Green Deal scheme, with the message displayed below.

They called a number registered to the Telephone Preference Service today, so this has been reported to the Information Commissioner.

It seems I’m not the only person who has received an unsolicited call from them.  They are also mentioned in this Which? conversation.

If you receive a similar call, you can report it here.

I’m calling on behalf of SFS Home Assist because we’re now administering the UK Government’s Green Deal, which is an energy efficiency scheme designed to reduce the UK’s dependence on foreign energy.  If you have not already received your government energy rebate or your new energy saving system, please call me back on 0191 406 0889 so I can qualify your home for the credit and schedule a time for one of our engineers to install your new system.