Public Consultation on Parking Changes In Seaford – Ends Tomorrow!

East Sussex County Council is running a very short-lived consultation on proposed parking changes in Seaford.  The consultation ends tomorrow!

If you wish to see the proposals and provide feedback under the consultation, you can do so by clicking here.

I have submitted the following objections via this consultation:

My objections relate solely to the Esplanade, Seaford – LS15 009 (and any other plans that would affect Seaford seafront that I may not have spotted).  I do not object to the other proposals.

In the light of the potential loss of a considerable amount of seafront parking arising from the much disputed proposal to allow a new housing development on the Buckle Car Park site, it would be sensible not to further restrict seafront parking at this point.  This could be detrimental to many people who use the seafront.

In particular the removal of Blue Badge parking would be a blow to disabled residents and visitors.  Is there a reason why that is proposed?

Whilst I can see why those living in the immediate vicinity may wish for some Permit Holders Only spaces, unless the Buckle Car Park development proposal is dropped I think it would be inappropriate to remove the existing 12 Hours Limited Waiting bays at this time.

And also the following comments:

This consultation seems extremely short notice with very little time for word to be circulated to Seaford residents so that they can provide their views.   Is there a reason why it spans such a short time period?

Whilst I am not in any way suggesting this was ESCC’s motivation behind such limited dates for the consultation, the short time period could result in far less feedback than residents might have provided had they been given a more reasonable consultation period and more notice.  This in turn could give a skewed impression that residents are far less concerned by or have fewer objections to these parking changes than is actually the case.