Dept. for Transport Tackles GTR (includes Southern Rail) About Dodgy Penalty Fare Advice

A recent tweet from Govia Thameslink Railway’s (GTR) Twitter team told a passenger who was unable to buy a ticket at the station that they must actively seek to buy on board or face a Penalty Fare.  This is in breach of the rules.

Around the same time Southern was caught giving out similar dodgy advice (more detail).

This was spotted by the guys at Penalty Fare Support (@penaltyfare on Twitter) who lodged a complaint with the Department of Transport.

The Department of Transport has confirmed that this advice is misleading and has asked GTR to ensure their Twitter team is reminded of the rules to prevent this happening again.

Their reply can be seen below.  Image provided by and reproduced with kind permission of Penalty Fare Support.

DfT Tell Off GTR

Here’s the advice Great Northern (part of GTR) gave to the passenger:

Dodgy PF Advice from GNR Twitter