You & Yours Reveals Dubious Surcharge For Not Using Contactless

Radio 4 consumer magazine You and Yours revealed in yesterday’s programme that food outlet Subway is charging an extra 10p to customers who choose to use chip & pin in preference to contactless.

Is It Legal?

Whilst this is apparently perfectly legal is does not seem justifiable – what are you actually paying the extra 10p for?  It certainly does not feel like a fair way of treating customers.

Security Concerns

Penalising customers for not using contactless is a very worrying practice.

Many people are not comfortable using contactless cards.

This caution may be justifiable after a Which? investigation revealed a security flaw that allowed them to read the card number and expiry date from all 10 contactless cards they tried.

Is the Additional Cost Clear Up Front?

Not so long ago airlines were forced stop adding surcharges at the end of the booking for using different payment methods and display them up front instead.

What was not clear is from the programme is at what point the customer finds out about the 10p charge and whether Subway is clearly advertising this surcharge at the start of the process.

If the customer were only to find this out at the till after the sandwich has been made, then they may be able to insist on not paying the 10p and demanding the advertised price … or abandon the order and find food at an alternative outlet that does not penalise them for wanting to use chip & pin.