Good Customer Service From B&Q

A little New Year treat I bought from B&Q was a Kärcher Window Vac – a great product that makes that tedious chore of cleaning your windows much quicker and easier.  For those who don’t speak German,  the company name is pronounced more like Kair-cher, not Kar-cher.

Choosing the Model

There was a choice of 2 models: the basic one at £54 and a version with additional accessories costing £65.  Feeling that all I really wanted was the cleaning unit itself and would be unlikely to use the accessories, I picked up the basic model.

It Was Faulty

One thing I did notice when I picked it up off the shelf was that the box had clearly been opened and rather clumsily resealed.  This can often just mean that a customer got an unwanted present, particularly at this time of year.  As it was the last basic model on the shelf, I was happy to buy it.

When I got it home it became clear there had been a reason for the previous customer returning it: the battery would not charge.  So, I returned it to the store.

Consumer Rights

There have been times when I have returned faulty goods to retailers and have had a battle to get the item replaced / repaired / refunded as required by Consumer Rights Act.

I have a long memory when it comes to poor customer service.  In fact I still avoid buying products from Currys, because a manager of a Dixons store – part of the same group – refused to refund/replace a faulty answerphone 20 years ago.

In my view a firm that evades its responsibility to rectify the situation when goods are faulty does not deserve any more of my money.

Excellent Customer Service

The excellent customer service I received from B&Q’s staff made a refreshing change from experiences with other retailers.

The staff checked the shelves and the storeroom but could not find a replacement to exchange for the one I was returning.  I asked them to check whether another store a few miles away might have one, as I would be passing that way the next day.

On checking this, they discovered the basic model had been discontinued.  So, they replaced it with the more expensive version – the one with the accessories – but at no extra cost.

B&Q staff are to be commended for their help with replacing the Window Vac.