Morrisons D’Aucy Beans Offer Not On Till Receipt

This week in the Morrisons in Seaford I bought some tins of red kidney beans and also of chickpeas, both by manufacturer D’Aucy.

Aside from the fact that I had run out of both products, the main reason for stocking up with several tins was an offer of either 50p per tin, or two tins for 80p.

These tins are dated well ahead and I use pulses regularly in cooking, so it made sense to take advantage of the offer.

When I Checked the Till Receipt…

I have got into the habit of checking till receipts before I leave the store, as there have been a number of occasions when an offer hasn’t been applied to the bill.

This was one of those occasions, as I’d been charged 50p per tin rather than 40p under the offer.

The Cause of the Problem

What caused the offer not to be applied to my bill is not clear.

As the offer is still on the shelf today (Monday 15 Feb), it is not an expired offer.

So, most likely this was due to a data entry error on their computer system.

Customer Services

The lady at the customer services was desk very helpful and also quite apologetic that I’d not been charged the correct amount.

Having checked the product & the offer on the shelf, she issued me a refund without any hesitation and once again said she was sorry I’d been mischarged.

I have always been happy to accept that sometimes things go wrong to due a misunderstanding, fault or human error.

It is how companies puts things right that matters.  Morrisons gets a big thumbs-up from me for their excellent customer service.   This is not unusual in Morrisons – at least in my local branch.  Typically I find staff in this store to be very friendly and helpful.

Are Other Customers Owed Money Back?

The number of times I have had to claim money back via customer services at Morrisons over the past couple of years raises the question whether they owe other customers a refund for money not taken off at the till.

As I assume getting my bill wrong is not personal, they could potentially owe millions to shoppers across the country.

For families who are struggling to make ends meet as a result of several years of government funding cuts, the odd extra £1 off their bill one week or £2 the next could add up over time to make a real difference.