Gym Users Taking Protein Shakes May Be Placing Themselves At Risk

This post is not about the benefits or otherwise of taking protein shakes.  Personally I do not take them, preferring to rely on a balanced diet combined with regular exercise.

This is about the practice of gym members leaving their containers, preloaded with protein shake powder, on the benches in the changing rooms – usually along with their clothes and possibly valuables – whilst they work out.

I see this on a fairly regular basis in my local gym, often – but not always – by those in their teenage years or early twenties.

Leaving aside the lack of consideration shown in “hogging the changing benches”, the risk is that something could be added those protein shake containers.  This could be something as “innocent” as a laxative, added as a “joke” by one of their mates.

But – without wanting to go down a tabloid-style route of seeing rapists or paedophiles under every stone – it could be something more harmful added by someone with malicious intent.  I know someone who was the victim of a date rape drug and who is still trying to come to terms with the consequences well over a year later.

Let’s keep our young people safe by recommending they put their protein shakes and belongings into a locker out of harm’s way.  Prevention is always preferable to picking up the pieces afterwards.