Seaford Suffers as Southern Mistakes Itself For a Bus Service

From Monday July 11 Southern Rail is introducing an amended timetable that looks very much like a bus service for anyone who uses the Seaford line.

This amended timetable – number 06 in the list – only applies weekdays.  The normal timetable applies at weekends.

This timetable has no specified end date but is currently expected to apply for 4-6 weeks.

Seaford to Lewes

There will be 10 trains each weekday that will run from Seaford to Lewes at the following times: 05:09, 05:44, 06:54, 07:33, 08:18, 09:54, 18:24, 19:37, 19:57, 21:57.

The remainder of the timetable is filled with replacement bus services.  For most of the day these buses run at 15-minute intervals at 00, 15, 30 and 45 past each hour.

Lewes to Seaford

There will be 7 trains daily from Lewes to Seaford at the following times: 06:32, 07:10, 07:57, 09:30, 18:01, 19:31, 21:29.

Buses run the rest of the time at 15-minute intervals at 00, 15, 30 and 45 past each hour.


You can get compensation for any delay of over 30 minutes under Southern’s Delay Repay scheme.

The wording relating to compensation on Southern’s amended timetable page is ambiguous and appears to suggest that you can claim Delay Repay against the original scheduled time even if the amended timetable is in operation.  I suspect this not the case and you can only claim against the applicable timetable.

Penalty Fares

You must still hold a valid train ticket to use the rail replacement service. Bus passes are not valid AFAIK.

It would not surprise me to see Southern’s revenue protection teams operating on the buses and you would be liable for a Penalty Fare if you do not hold a valid ticket.

A Penalty Fare = 2 x the ticket price for your journey, or £20 … whichever is greater. Plus you would still need to buy the ticket.


A protest is planned from 18:00 on Tuesday July 12 at Seaford Station.

Public Meeting

Maria Caulfield MP has organised a public meeting at 19:00 in Seaford Baptist Church on Thursday July 14.  A senior member of GTR/Southern is expected to attend.


If you wish to complain you can write to: