Dr Who Spin-Off Turns Out to be a Class Act

A rift in time & space that allows all manner of alien nasties into our world … you could be forgiven for thinking I was talking about a new series of Torchwood.

But in fact it is the latest Dr Who spin-off Class, which first debuted in October online and tonight starts on BBC1 at 10:45pm.  Although the online ratings were not great, hopefully in its new home this fantastic series will gain the much wider audience it deserves.

As someone who found the first couple of series of Torchwood and some recent series of Dr Who somewhat patchy and disappointing, the well conceived characters in Class – combined with a scary new enemy, great story writing and an edge-of-the-seat feeling that comes from not knowing which of our heroes will survive – all came as a refreshing and welcome surprise.

Set in Coal Hill School – the site of the very first Dr Who adventure in 1963, and also featured in some recent Dr Who episodes – this series follows a group of teenagers and a pair of mysterious strangers as they battle against the sinister Shadow Kin and other alien incursions.

The pilot episode features a decent length cameo from Peter Capaldi that sets the pace and tone for the entire series.

Class is available on iPlayer for the next 9 months.