Car Number Plate Cloning on the Rise, Warns X-Ray

This week’s episode of X-Ray reports on a couple whose car number plate was cloned, resulting in them receiving at least 20 fixed penalty notices from 7 different companies in London – nowhere near their Welsh home.

The fines and further charges quickly added up to more than £1,000 and they found themselves pursued by debt collectors.

X-Ray demonstrated how easy it was for someone to buy a number plate from an overseas supplier for just £20.  This type of crime is on the rise in the UK.

If you receive a fixed penalty notice relating to a driving/parking incident in a location you were nowhere near at the time, the advice is not to ignore it:

  • Gather any evidence you have of where you were at the time of the incident, e.g. credit card receipts.
  • Contact whoever issued the fine and let them know that you were not in that area at the time and you suspect you are a victim of number plate cloning.
  • Report it to the police as a crime and ask them to investigate.
  • Get your number plate replaced as quickly as possible.   You can find an authorised number plate supplier on the DVLA website.