Scam HMRC Calls Received From 07441 393001

Householders are receiving scam calls that appear to come from mobile number 07441 393001.  It is possible that phone spoofing equipment is being used, so this may not be the actual number the call originates from.

An automated message warns that HRMC is launching a lawsuit against you for unpaid taxes or similar … and you should dial 1 to speak to case officer.

It’s a scam.  Ignore it and hang up.   Do not call back or give out any personal data.

This type of scam attempts to intimidate the householder into complying for fear of ending up in court or having bailiffs knock at the door.

HRMC will never contact you in this way about any genuine issue.

You can report scam calls of this nature to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or by using their online fraud reporting tool.