“RBS Secure Message” Scam Email

A scam email is doing the rounds claiming to contain a Secure Message from RBS.

Do not open this email, as it will download malware to infect your computer.

But there are some clues that this is a fake:

  1. The most obvious clue is the attachment – particularly the .doc extension on the attached file.  This indicates an older version of a Microsoft Word document, which can easily incorporate a virus or software components to access your computer’s data.
  2. A genuine secure message from your bank would involve logging onto your account via their official website.  No bank, public body, company or any other reputable organisation would ever send a secure message in an attachment – and certainly not in a Word document.
  3. A further clue in this particular instance is that it was received on an email address that had only ever been given to the Sunday Times Wine Club and had never been given to RBS.   The recipient of the email uses a different email address for every company to help identify where data breaches occur.

If you receive a suspicious email appearing to be from RBS you can report it to them using the email address: phishing@rbs.com.  Other financial institutions will have an equivalent email address, typically phishing@ + their domain name.

You can also report this type of email to Action Fraud.

Here is the text contained in the email:

This is a secure email message from Royal Bank of Scotland

To read your secure message , follow the instructions below:

1. Look for aSecure Email Message ( typically at the top or bottom; location varies by email service).
2. Your Authorization code is: 94B50477f884.
3. Enter the authorization code when prompted.  The secure message expires on June 02, 2018 @ 14:21 AM (GMT)

Disclaimer: This email and its content are confidential and intended solely for the use of the addressee. Please notify the Companies House if you have received this email in error or simply delete it. Secured by RBS Encryption. Copyright © 2018 RBS Corporation. All rights reserved