Purpose of this Site

This site aims to cover a range of topics but with a primary focus on consumer & crime prevention issues.  This includes:

  • Highlighting retail & consumer issues.
  • Alerting you to potential scams & providing tips that may help you avoid them.
  • Drawing attention to the poor way in which some companies behave.
  • Linking to other sites where you may be able to find related articles, further help or items of interest.
  • Health, safety & lifestyle articles & tips.
  • Entertainment & media.
  • Local issues, i.e. matters of interest to the Seaford & East Sussex area.

Legal Disclaimer

Please note that this is not a legal advice site. The site owner does not have legal training and other authors of posts and articles may not do either.  References to any particular laws only represent the author’s understanding of those laws and do not constitute legal advice.  If you need legal advice, please seek this from someone with legal training.

Contact Us

Unfortunately, we cannot provide an email address.  Previous addresses that have been used have attracted spam and are being retired.

However, you can contact us by posting a comment and prefixing it with PRIVATE.  These comments will be treated as messages to the editor and will not be published.


Comments are welcome on any post, whether it is to agree, disagree or make alternative points.  Please note:

  • Comments are moderated and will not appear on the site until approved by a moderator.
  • Comments that are abusive, defamatory, insulting or contain bad language will not be published and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • If you prefix the comment with PRIVATE, it will be treated as a private message to the editor and will not be published.


Material on this site is copyright. Feel free to link to the site. If you wish to reproduce an article in its entirety, please contact the site owner by posting a comment prefixed with the word PRIVATE.

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